I program computers, and I do it well. A sampling of my work:


Device Log Viewer

Voiteq Device Log Viewer is a GUI tool designed to empower technicians supporting Honeywell TalkMan devices to cut through the noise of log files and diagnose issues quickly.

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WORM and the WORM Recovery Tool

These projects enable the storage of thousands of terabytes of sensitive, encrypted archival data in a way that ensures it can be recovered by customers, even into the far future or after the data’s custodian goes out of business.

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University Tycoon

University Tycoon is an unfinished satirical simulation game in which you run a university in pursuit of the most important thing the academy produces - money.

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Pizzarithmetic Dot Com is a very sober and serious pizza math application that I co-authored with Jordan Potter. It is designed to bring people closer to one another by ensuring that they will order an appropriate amount of pizza for the size of their pizza party. Turn up your speakers and head to pizzarithmetic dot com.

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