I am David Proctor, computer programmer and creator of fine internet detritus.

A selection of my wares:

Bulk Automatic TV Rename Utility

Bulk Automatic TV Rename Utility

A simple, lightweight, free program that scours your hard drive for TV episodes, identifies them, and allows you to simply re-organize and rename them.

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Pizzarithmetic Dot Com


A very serious and sober pizza math application.

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Dodgeball of the Dead

My entry in Global Game Jam 2014, Dodgeball of the Dead is a subjective online first-person shooter.

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The Vacuum

A retro point-and-click adventure for people who don’t care for illogical inventory puzzles. A murder mystery aboard a low-class space freighter.

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What are the peasants to eat, princess?

Mushroom Kingdom Comics

Still think that the monarchist social structure that Mario and pals live in is a harmless fancy?
Witness the horror